ShutUp 10 - User Interface

Windows 10 antispy

Ever seaching for a Windows 10 antispy tool? Do you remember the good old Windows XP times? If you do, you might also remember a pretty neat tool called “XP-Antispy“. A tool which gives the user the ability to greatly improve the os privacy and security settings. Now, in times of Microsoft Windows 10, there is an altenative! You might take a look at – ShutUp10. O&O ShutUp10 means you have full control over which comfort functions under Windows 10 you wish to use, and you decide when the passing on of your data goes too far.

By using a very simple interface, with ShutUp10 you decide how Windows 10 should respect your privacy settings by deciding which unwanted functions should be deactivated. Todo so you simply click onto each function you want to see deactivated and wait until it turns green.

O&O ShutUp10 is entirely free and does not have to be installed at all. It can simply be directly run after downloading it. Furtherr it will not install or download retrospectively unnecessary or unwanted software, so called bloatware, like so many others these days.

Greatly increase Windows 10 privacy

Windows 10 wants to give users the easiest possible daily experience and in doing so very rarely forces you to actually read and confirm a security notice. Unfortunately, this simplified approach from Microsoft means much more data is passed onto them than many users would like – here comes the Windows 10 antispy tool in place.

Microsoft uses most data to display personalized information to you that is aimed at making your computer life easier. As an example, Windows 10 can remind you to set off to the airport 30 minutes earlier due to traffic en route. In order to deliver this information to you, however, Windows 10 has to access your calendar entries, your mails (i.e. the airline confirmation email), your location and it has to have access to the internet to get traffic news.

More control over your operating system

  • Adapt your security settings
  • Protect your privacy
  • Control location services
  • Control Windows Updates
  • Do not pass on your user data and diagnostics

No installation required

Some services protocol your entire keyboard entries, share your WLAN access data with your facebook contacts or connect your computer without asking permission to a public – and potentially unprotected – network. While this means that you and your contacts do not have to grapple with complicated WLAN passwords, it also poses a significant security risk.

Decide for yourself how important your “comfort” is when weighed up with your privacy and how to protect it. O&O ShutUp10 presents you with all important settings in one location – you need no previous IT knowledge and there is no need to manually change the Windows 10 system settings.

O&O ShutUp10 is entirely free and does not have to be installed – it can be simply run directly and immediately on your PC. And it will not install or download retrospectively unwanted or unnecessary software, like so many other programs do these days. The perfect Windows 10 antispy tool!